Power filter series products are in line with UL, VDE, CQC and other safety certification requirements

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Our company has the international advanced automatic magnetic material testing device and the most advanced domestic production line, mainly produces anti-interference magnetic core (filter magnetic core, iron powder core) series and inductance series two categories, a total of more than 300 kinds of specifications and models, all Products are in line with ROHS, REACH environmental protection requirements. It is the largest anti-jamming core production base in China. Most of the company's products are exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Its products are widely used in home appliances, various wires, power supplies, industrial and medical equipment, communication products, telecommunications and digital industrial products, power tools, etc. , sales network all over the world.

The power filter series products meet the requirements of UL, VDE, CQC and other safety certifications, and fully import ROHS and REACH environmental protection requirements. The product models and specifications are complete, including socket type, single-phase, three-phase, feed-through type, PCB board type and other styles of products. Tongjin can also design and manufacture according to the special requirements of customers.

The company organizes and implements quality management strictly in accordance with standards, follows eight principles, continuously improves work, takes the first responsibility of all employees to meet and exceed customer requirements, and pursues excellent quality.
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