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What is a magnetic ring? How to use the magnetic ring?

Absorption magnetic ring, also known as ferrite magnetic ring, referred to as magnetic ring. It is a commonly used anti-interference component in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high-frequency noise.


Correct use of power filters

During the test, we often encountered such a situation: although the design engineer connected a power filter to the power line of the equipment, the equipment still could not pass the "conducted disturbance voltage emission" test, and the engineer suspected that the filtering effect of the filter was not good. Constantly replace the filter, still can not get the desired effect.


What is the relationship between the color of the magnetic ring and the material?

Most of the magnetic rings need to be painted to facilitate the distinction. Generally, the iron powder core is distinguished by two colors.


Types and selection of inverter filters

According to the application of the inverter filter, it can be divided into the following types:


Selection and use of filters

Any device capable of processing a signal can be called a filter. In modern communication equipment and various control systems, filters are widely used.


What are the differences between inverter filters and reactors?

What are the differences between inverter filters and reactors? Let's take a look at it in detail.


How inverter filters work

As the name implies, the inverter filter is a special filter specially developed for the characteristics and laws of the harmonics generated by the inverter. It is an LC filter. Inverter Input Filter Overview Inverter filters are mainly passive components consisting of inductors, capacitors and resistors.


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